Gemini by Raiza Hasmath

Inside, just as I stand
On a hill-top gazing star
With books and music–bland
A raw spirit and a mask at war

She shuffles consistently they say
Yes, two mad voices live in my head
Gemini’s feet are made of clay
A Pollux, Castor crazy blend

Your conventional reality makes me scream
My emotions and intellect constantly battle
For I ain’t your crème de la crème
Scratch the surface before you belittle

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Raiza Hasmath
Raiza Hasmath

Raiza Hasmath. M.N.F is a Management Service Officer born and being bred in a small town in Sri Lanka. She is also serving as a part-time teacher of English and English Literature whenever she is neither at work nor sleeping.

Raiza is a 90’s kid with a strong soft spot for animals and a proud mom for 7 cats currently. She is an avid reader who had started writing early and a “Tsundoku” victim.

Her muses can be anything from the tiny details in the nature or innumerable accounts of human emotions or even a spilt chai at 2.00 am.

“Stardust in my soul… Wild, Free and Fragile…” just sums up everything about this girl-next-door. Follow her on Instagram here: @wildflower_wordings

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