Fireborn by Alliterative Artemis

I bathe in embers and ashes,
Flickering flames licking my melting skin,
Inflammable fuel feasting on my rotten flesh,
Carelessly caressing cinder, turning my bones into coal.
Fire is engulfing my entire entity,
Cleaning me with sanitizing sanity
Until the fire has eaten my body
And there is no heart left to burn

Alliterative Artemis

I’m Alliterative Artemis, though I go by Krissi offline, which sounds considerably less mysterious and substantially more practical. Although I hope you wouldn’t notice it based on my English, I’m from Austria – not to be confused with Australia – and I’m currently enrolled for English and Psychology in university. 

Writing has always been a passion of mine. As has been alliteration-heavy poetry as my alias suggests. I started writing novels when I was 13 and have completed two books since, one of which I’m currently in the process of re-editing. Poetry has been my way of exploring my innermost feelings and as well as the world around me, so writing is the preferred outlet for my emotions. For me, writing has always felt as if words and images were simply invading my mind and pouring out of my fingertips onto the paper – which usually translates to fanatical typing on my phone. It seems as though I’m merely the medium for my thoughts and feelings, allowing them to enter physical existence. 

By now, I have well over 500 poems and the number is increasing every day. Despite writing having been part of my life for many years – I’m 19 now – I’ve only started publishing and sharing them rather recently, inspired by a breakup. I’d be more than eager to transform my many poems into a collection as I’d like to believe that my pain has to be good for something, and if writing poetry helps me this tremendously, then, maybe, reading it can offer healing for others too.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me a little better. If you enjoy my work and are interested in catching a glimpse inside my mind, I welcome you to visit me on Instagram @alliterative_artemis

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