My Poetry

My Poetry by Maryaaa

You’re the feeling in every verse
The center of my universe
My daydream in times of sore
My Poetry…my love…my words.

You’re the continuation of every line
The synonym of the bright sky
My honey when life’s a lime
My Poetry…my love…my rhyme.

You’re the last verse of the poem
The flower that gracefully blooms
My depth of strength in the storm
My Poetry…my love…my wound.

You’re every emotion that’s written
The joy and pain I’m battling
My teardrops are flowing
My Poetry…my love…my travail.

And Then I Lost You Just Like That by Maryaaa

‘Tis whirlwind likeness that stays a while
The butterflies are dancing up the sky
Birds are chirping out loud that night
Until I lost you one more time.

It was a happy thought lingering
Smiles are curved beautifully
Eyes were shining brightly
Until I lost you one more time.

The nights were warm
Your words are sweetly calm
It was my fuel from disdain
Until I lost you one more time.

You were my haven from fantasy
My happy thought in pain
The joy I’m constantly praying
But then I lost you once again.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Maryaaa

I am Ma. Aila S. Bolandro 22 years old, currently studying engineering in the Philippines, I love writing poems as my creative outlet.

It is through writing I express my thoughts and emotion which I find difficult to convey.  I started writing when I was in High school. I dream of making my own book someday. 

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