Ambivalent Desires

Ambivalent Desires by Sailee Tiwari

There were roses that bloomed and faded away,
The fragrance was left lingering in the breeze,
The humans remembered its essence and touch,
The tenderness and the beauty just like cherishing the present moment,
And how it pricked them oh so stealthily,

Was it about the pain it made them feel or the elation?
Which one would they remember first?

The dew drops formed early in the morning,
Gave in to the paradise of dwelling onto the dark colours,
The colours gave a way to feel an unforgettable short slumber,
They felt no thorns and hatred as they never went deeper,
But decided to dry away and give up their lives,

But Is life all about the good feeling and not living the bad?
Or is it about knowing what gives happiness also gives agony?

And that what might be colourful also fades away,
Well, it might be about the moment of faith and then the surrender,
To what feels right and what feels amazing,
Live it all, the day today and after,
You can be a human or a dew drop that awaits no disaster.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Sailee Tiwari
Sailee Tiwari

Sailee is a software test lead with more than 8 years of experience in the IT industry. She likes to express herself openly and with elegance in the form of writing. She is a keen writer who loves to write quotes, poems and fictional stories.

Her writing journey started way back when she was a teenager when she also was an avid reader. She gives writing an utmost importance as it’s her passion.

Sailee is active on various writing applications and working with few other anthologies as well. She has contributed in one of the other published anthology book called‘Pinwheel‘. She is also working on her own solo book based on a contemporary fictional theme.

Her writing style is versatile and can make a reader traverse through various emotions in a short interval. Besides writing, she adores art like jewelry making and handicrafts. She loves to travel, scribble her travel experiences in online platforms and holds interest in nature and bird photography.

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