Finally Free

Finally Free by Carmello Fabri

Her feelings were enveloped
Her thoughts were imprisoned
Her mouth was knitted
But she managed…
To throw her emotions
On paper
With a pencil, with a paintbrush
Her anger echoed on the paper
Her thoughts are unleashed
She was abominated by her surrounding neighbours
Yet cared less
She was imprisoned by society
In a bird cage for centuries
The cage broke open
She is finally out
She is finally free
A bird with wings is ready to fly
Her strength so bold as the trunk of a tree

Carmello Fabri

I am a 24 years old Lebanese holder of a Bachelors degree in psychology from Haigazian University,  Beirut, Lebanon, where I am currently finishing another Bachelors in social work, after taking a year for internship with institutions that cater for kids with special needs. My future plan upon graduation is to pursue a Master’s degree in Theology in Canada. 

Painting and poetry have been my passion and hobby since childhood, and have played an important role in my life. Both have been a medium for expressing my feelings and thoughts. In poetry, the sent message is substantiated with imagery and the use of rhyme. Using imagery to express a specific concern makes the poetry piece more like a painting with words.

I found that writing allows my voice to be heard much more than painting did. Although one of my poems was featured in the school’s newsletter when I was ten years old, it wasn’t until later in my university years that I began focusing on poetry. Early in 2018, I decided to create a poetry account on Instagram, where I have been featured on several accounts. My poems deal with various topics.  Publishing my first poetry book is one of my future aspirations.

My painting journey started at the age of nine when I  won the first prize in the Fabriano school contest in 2005. Since then, I began taking lessons at three art studios in Lebanon, as well as attending crash courses in drawing and painting at Hampstead School of Arts in London during the summer of 2009, and at St. Martin’s School of Art in London during the summer of 2011.

Besides learning the various techniques, this learning experience have been of great value in helping me discover my personal style. This was further supported through visiting major museums, art galleries, and churches in London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, and San Diego. In  June 2011,  I was the only young artist (15 years) exhibiting his drawings at Daraj El Fann in Ashrafiyeh alongside major Lebanese artists. 

Besides poetry and painting, I have developed a passion for Latin and ballroom dancing, and I am currently enrolled at Arthur Murray dance studio-Lebanon. 
If you wish to follow me, my Instagram account: @fabrispoems 

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