If I Could Bottle the Stars

If I Could Bottle the Stars by Paul Idiaghe

If I could bottle the stars and talk with them,

we would talk about how it feels to be forgotten
until bright skies darken,

we would laugh about how it feels to be enormous
but small in the eyes of staring creatures,

we would cry about how it feels to dwell in the skies
without partners to stare into our eyes,

and we would sing about shining
even though we belong to the dark and the evening.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/9d0de-paul-i.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Paul Idiaghe
Paul Idiaghe

I am Paul Idiaghe, an 18-year-old from Nigeria. I’m currently in the United States, pursuing an undergraduate degree. 

I always knew writing was something I loved doing, but it was only until recently that I started writing poetry very consistently. My experience with poetry so far has been overwhelming. It has been a medicine in low times, a gateway to release the parts of me that nobody (including myself) gets to see, and a medium for me to explore my creativity. I love poetry more and more each time I write or get stimulated by works of other poets. I expect it to be something I would continue. Who knows, I may also become a published poet, or I may fall in love with other forms of writing and release some novels too. 

Apart from writing, you can also find me singing, reading a book, solving the Rubik’s Cube, ice-skating, e.t.c. Check out my poetry page on Instagram @glimpses_of_my_mind to view more of my work. 

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