Aurum by Monobina Nath

What? Are you scared?
It’s just a glance,
Not the complete story,
As I am the author.
I don’t regret later,
As I haven’t drop my passions and desires yet,
If a stranger came and say, “Don’t you believe in love?”.
I stood silent, then say, “Now you came!”
As Eros visited Psyche only at dark night.
I believe in love itself,
But first I intend to believe in myself.

I am dying enough for love
I will live by my pen, just what Jane had done in Becoming Jane.
Emotions need to be controlled well,
My characters will have too bit of trouble,
But I am, now, assert to be someone like Artemis,
who possess virginity, an introvert,
but an independent temperament.
I became someone,
that aurum itself can’t defeat me.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Monobina Nath
Monobina Nath

I am Monobina Nath from Kolkata, India. I love to write poetry that help me to express my ideas, feelings, and about my culture and tradition. I prefer to write about maidenhood, women strength, nature, dark,  mythology and history etc.

In my poem ‘Aurum’, dedicated to maidenhood or bachelorette,  symbol of virginity, purity and chastity. The title ‘Aurum’ has many symbolic meanings: Aurum – Gold (pure and strong),  a sweet Italian liqueur (warm and shy),  a loyal guardian of Reyna in mythology (faithful and devoted). 

Besides writing poetry, I like to write short stories, phrases and designing jewelry. Through writing as my profession I would like to uplift and encourage those people who are depressed and struggling in their lives. I always write with solemness and cheerful manner. I have planned to prepare a collection of poetry in a book. Readers can follow me in Instagram @monobinanath 
Thank you to evepoetrygroup for the support.

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