A Doctor in China

A Doctor in China by Kavindi M. Jayasinghe

Chaos rained all over the country,
Helpless was I, with my team
A virus, destructive since the day of entry
Never did we assume, not even in a dream.
We could’ve controlled it, underestimated did we
Just like a common cold, it’ll depart away
Yet, it strives inside my people’s bodies with glee
Confirmed that it arrived here, to perpetually stay.

I discerned a mother weeping, clutching her son,
Poor child, was insubstantial for battle.
Immunity, the moat of a castle in the long run,
Incinerating him, was all we could do through the hassle.
Worked like robots from dawn till dusk, into the night,
Meals and sleep became a rare luxury.
My wife, my boy cried with all their might,
When I left for work, shouting their aching plea.

An oath is an oath, a promise for good service
Mind you, it ain’t easy dragging your protesting brain,
Inside premises, spelling death in every crevice
It seemed incessant, as the death toll rose, numbers insane.
The world carries the label, “Made in China”,
On clothes, in kitchens, even on the beds they snooze on
I catch whispers, that death too was “Made in China”
Kept in the dark were we, until it spread full on.

Often I feel my body give up, fatigue wash over me
Yet, I keep going as long as I could stay up
As I’ve seen, numerous heads fall to death & be
I pray, I work, I pray, I work, like a mantra for tuneup
Often I feel, mother Earth seems to strike back
For the beings we’ve killed, animals & trees
No wonder we suffer, surviving barely through nature’s attack
It’s time to show affection, my fellow humans please.

Dark Times by Kavindi M. Jayasinghe

Feeling of panic,
Rising globally.
Avaricious humans,
Basked in your glory
Ruining nature’s purity
Our sins expiated with lives sacrificed
Oh dear world, have mercy.

We scurry around,
Busy with,
Attempts to discover
Life on other planets.
Causing chaos on you,
Treating you with contempt.
You’ve brought us to our knees
Oh dear world, have mercy.

I see your immunity system
Has taken over, battling
An overgrowing virus named “Covetous Humans”
On both knees, here I am
Oh dear world, have mercy

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/8b2d3-20200508_232544.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Kavindi M. Jayasinghe
Kavindi M. Jayasinghe

I’m Kavindi M. Jayasinghe (KMJ), (IG handle – @kmj_poetic) a 21 year old medical student at Manipal Medical College. I’m a Sri Lankan born and I’ve been writing since my childhood days.

Poetry and writing has been my solace and passion for years. I prefer writing about the scars that need a voice and aspects that aren’t discussed about more, but I adore love poetry too.

I’m a pianist and music is an irrevocable part of my life. A proud optimist, who is a dreamer and an owner of a strong heart! Hope to save people’s lives and do some good in the world.

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