Tormented by Louise Carmeli Montes

I started knowing

the feeling of emptiness

When I am in a room

full of crowded people

Gestalt by Louise Carmeli Montes

My soul is awake 

but my body is sleeping

My heart is numb

but it is still beating

My mind is complex

but it is still thinking

My wholeness

will always be greater

than the sum of its parts

Over-thinking vs. Over-feeling by Louise Carmeli Montes

I stand amidst the blistering waves
exceptionally placid 
among the chaos
weeping, crying
Oh God, save me!

Save me from this feeling
that I can't fight any longer
I resort to dream,
but not make dreams as my master

I simply want to feel
the greatest depth of joy
Just as when the soul 
lies on the green, green grass of home
and just like how the fresh air
pampers my sanity

Be brave, sweet darling!  
Only if it is easier said than done
then I should have not wished for this curse
because as I cherish over thinking, 
I embrace over feeling

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Louise Carmeli Montes
Louise Carmeli Montes

Poetry is the art of her soul. Seeing life in a deeper perspective is her source of inspiration in writing. When emotions can’t be said upfront, poetry speaks.

Louise is from the Philippines. She finished a degree in Psychology and she  considers poetry as her one of her ways of expressing her inner most thoughts and feelings.

“I know I am still a work in progress, but this does not stop me to look at the beauty of writing poems. I want to share words that can connect to the emotions of people.”

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