I Can’t Breathe

I Can’t Breathe by Terrasia Covington

Get off my neck. I can’t
There’s a suspecting eye;
I can’t be innocent, you quickly lie
And never mourn those who
Get off my neck. I can’t

Only the strong survive,
You want me to believe.
Get off my neck. I can’t

So many strong die,
So many strong leave.
Get off my neck. I can’t

Why does my strength intimidate you?
Your own weakness you perceive.
Get off my neck. I can’t

Blue runs red when white deceives,
There is no red, white, and blue
Without black kings and queens;
You’ll never take my royalty.
Get off my neck. I can’t

Ebony beauty, you can see,
Hoping my beauty will disguise the Ugliness that lies within thee;
Get off my neck. I can’t

Pressure sustained by the weight of your hate, and the weight of Consequences heavier than you could Conceive.
Get off my neck. I can’t

Nowhere to run from the heart that Beats;
The sound of life stolen from me.
No system protects from the guilt that you flee.
Get off my neck. I can’t

I can’t breathe.
I can’t breathe.
I can’t…breathe.
I can’t….

Speechless by Terrasia Covington


No one has ever left me,


I have too much to say.

I find my words profound and articulated 

When I need them to be,

Flowing from my lips with ease,

Sharing the beat of my heart,

The rhythm of my soul,

Singing the notes of life.

I have a lot to say you know—

At least, I once had a lot to say,

Until a quiet wind swept in and left me,


I had demands and requests—


I had an answer for everything,

But I have no answer for this one question 

That perplexes me to no end 

And lives inside this quiet wind 

That caresses me over and over 

And over again until I am,


I cannot explain this gentle friendship 

And this strong attraction.

I have no words for the state I am in.

I only know that I never want to leave.

I just want to stay wrapped up in this 

Quiet wind, where this one question 

That perplexes me to no end lives.

Where did you come from? 

Because, I do not know a place that 

Holds a treasure as priceless as you.

I do not know a look more endearing than yours

Nor an embrace more secure—

A walk more captivating.

I was sure. I was certain.

I had searched all over,

And just when my search neared its end,

You came and left me,


<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/e0bd0-terasia.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Terrasia Covington
Terrasia Covington

Terrasia is a wife and mom of two, from Maryland, who is inspired by love and women’s empowerment. She has been writing poetry since the age of 8, and treasures the gift that is literary expression.

Terrasia is currently preparing a collection of literary works through which she hopes to encourage women in their journey of self-love.

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