Collectors by Lina Heller


we kept

all these
words we never
dared to say out loud

setting them on top of one another

building a
wall so high

it would
eventually separate us forever

Magician by Lina Heller

Magician I was never
one to fall for magic tricks

and yet

it seemed
so easy for you to
trick me into believing magic

between our first hello

and our
last goodbye

Bridges by Lina Heller

you cross my

the way you
would cross bridges

easy and

like these
bridges were only built for you

and I must

I’m not
sure if I’ll
ever be able to burn them down

Eternities by Lina Heller

and without

time feels
like it’s spreading like cancer

feel like hours

and every
breath that you don’t breathe with me

feels like
an eternity

but it’s
not the eternity we used to promise each other

underneath blankets

our words
softly traveling through the thick air

it’s not
the eternity I wished for

Hot Chocolate by Lina Heller

laughter is filling the room

warm and

like hot
chocolate on a cold winter day

it is
warming my body

starting at
my toes and moving all the way up to my mouth

invisible strings it is pulling up the corners of my lips

them to smile back at you

as you are

irresistible to me

as hot
chocolate on a cold winter day

I still whisper your name

when the
nights get exceptionally dark

and time

sometimes I
still whisper your name into the sky

hoping that

the wind
will whisper it back at you

because I can
still remember

how you
longed for me to say your name between rapid breaths

and even
though we may not be lovers anymore

I know we
still care about each other

so when the
wind silently knocks against your window

I hope you
open it with a smile

and think
of me

when you
hear your name

whispered softly
through cool evening air

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Lina Heller

Lina Heller is a twenty-year-old German university student. She’s currently studying Literature, Art and Media at a lake in Germany and getting sunburned every second day.
She has no clue about math or physics or chemistry, but she has always been drawn to literature and all kinds of arts. English poetry has been her creative outlet since that day her art teacher encouraged her (actually she forced her) to write a poetry slam in school.

Now she’s writing nearly every day, increasingly so when it is raining.

Next to daily yoga, poetry has been the next best thing to a daily spiritual experience. She never limits herself when it comes to her writing. There’s no topic she wouldn’t dare to write about.
As a life goal, Lina is working on getting her poetry published. She should probably focus a little more on university, but when the thoughts flow, she just can’t help it.

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