Bard’s Doleful Song

Bard’s Doleful Song by Gitanjali Kapoor

Bewildered, I sit here
staring at your richness
Silk robes, marble floors
and expensive incense.

Whilst down there on the roads
crieth a child in hunger
clad in tattered rags
waiting for his toiling Mother.

Will she get him some milk
or only dust in that bowl
How do you sit there benumbed
whilst she beareth a hundred cracks on her Soul.

I now sing your hymns
louder than the Gong
Oh, these voices
I try to drown with doleful songs.

Aren’t you bewildered too
with your temple’s mocking serenity
Whilst last night
a five-year-old lost her virginity.

Oh, How I wish to shake you hard
Wake you up with Poems after dark.
If my words have failed to rip your heart
then I don’t deserve to be called a Bard
then I don’t deserve to be called a Bard..

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Gitanjali Kapoor
Gitanjali Kapoor

Gitanjali Kapoor, well known and much revered in Writer’s World by her pen name Laughing Soul, is an articulate single lady in her 40s from Mumbai, India. 

After carving a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry, her Poetic soul found solace in penning words.
She’s an author and publisher of 2 Anthologies.
Crimson Kisses and Ishq-e-Watan, Priceless Pearls, is her debut solo collection of Poems. Also Co Author in many books globally. 
In her words, “Poetry is when my Soul breathes through my words, pain bleeds through my ink and I witness a rebirth of my thoughts.”

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