French by Shreyas Karanth

What does this special place hold for us?

The city of love as it’s called,

The charm of Paris is always surprising

From Autumn branches and sun kissed faces,

To blurry skies and cold winter nights,

Everything sets the mood right

We might be seen in a café,

Sipping dark bitter coffee and having freshly baked du pain

Or seen sitting at a mini bar,

Tasting the classic French wine young and drunk, but ever so lively

Holding hands, exploring the scenic beauty and the depths of Paris,

And admiring the artistic expressions of love,

Enjoying the good times, we vibe

There is an intoxicating feel in the air of this city,

French after all

Aesthetically beautiful yet dark,

The city of love remains in our hearts forever

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Shreyas Karanth
Shreyas Karanth

I’m Shreyas Karanth, a 17 year old writer from India
Writing was not my forte, until I found out that I was good at it. Poetry is my form of expression.

My personal favourites are love poems, with lots of hidden stuff to it. 

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