The Fabric of Love

The Fabric of Love by Kai Lazarus

No I will not

reap what I sew.

I will burn the quilt

stained with a lifetime

of mental beat-downs,

which brought for

the muddied perception of warmth and comfort.

Then take on the task of creating a new thread,

to handcraft the virgin wool embroidered into an unique

pattern of solace and vehemence,

laced with a soothing touch of

unbridled loyalty. Which can

only be described as the

white mulberry’s cocoon,

as the finest of silks form

from the metamorphosis of a being.

Growth by Kai Lazarus

Growth is not

old flames

with new names.

Or reminiscing with the background of rain,

watching it all go down the drain.

It’s getting crippled by the pain

while still loving to play the game.

Religious Texts by Kai Lazarus

I pray to the goddesses that sacrificed their sanity for mine

Even if that useless dream was futile,

much obliged. Through our trials my obedience was abolished.

Survivors remorse does breed a new sense of Stockholm’s syndrome, but subservience isn’t desired around these parts anymore.

My vulnerability is something I gift willingly and openly.

No more a hidden fetish I give up in the dark,

it is my grand showcase.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Kai Lazarus (the medøchï)
Kai Lazarus (the medøchï)

the medøchï is the healing spirit of Kai Lazarus Antoine. Who was constructed through therapy, meditation and artistic creation, to mend a broken soul.

Now after obtaining that goal, the medøchï has taken on the task of growing to a status similar to where the name was derived from, the Medici family. All to be able to be the benefactor of many artists and innovators, while creating a haven for the creatives, the broken and the unheard.

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