Like Me

Like Me by K. Exum

Like Me:

Hearing your struggles hurts my soul‬
‪If only you knew how many times I was a tv to someone’s remote control‬
‪They make moves based on their opinions not knowing they ripping the uniqueness that you hold

‬Right out your great soul‬
‪The channels they switch you to leave scars in your heart‬
‪That can’t be erased with a simple apology‬
No, it’s not that easy
These scars fill pages
And pages of this notebook

These scars robbed me of my time and I can’t call the cops for these crooks
I wish you weren’t a replica of me
I wish you would stand up for me
I meant you

Why oh why are you like me?
I feel like I’m looking in the mirror when I hear you speak
It starts with you holding those words you so wish you can say behind your teeth

Then you can’t sleep
Because your eyes are so drippy
Then you start looking in the mirror wishing and hoping that you weren’t you
That you were raised somewhere else
That these emotions weren’t something you felt
Then you start grabbing weapons
And trying to leave your body bloody in the same bed you slept in

Thoughts begin to creep in
Like if I do it my body will be left in this bed
But in heaven, my soul will be free
Those very thoughts still reserve space in my head
Don’t be like me
Be better

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>K. Exum
K. Exum

K. Exum is a shy poet with a love for fashion. His poetry comes from the problems he faces going through depression. Most of his poetry is based on pain. That can be boring to some but is relatable to others. If there’s any message to be received from his pain poems is that he wants you to learn from his mistakes.

On other days K enjoys writing on his blog Pieces Of K Blog and recording spoken word songs. His love for creating takes over his life. 

You can follow his Instagram below. K posts mainly spoken word videos and pictures of himself. So if interested give him a follow and I’m sure he’ll return the favor.

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