Behind the Shadows of Freedom

Behind the Shadows of Freedom by Marie Anais Tessa L’Etang

Behind the shadows of freedom

Vandalism as some might say
Free gallery of expression to others
These art works on the walls
Each screaming something
Only a few can feel

In the shadows of equality
Many are victims because of their religion, colour and gender
Humans treated as objects to rapers and human traffickers
Slavery still lingering in the dark

Many risking their lives simply to get their message to the world
A message to expose what they are going through
A message in hope of saving those in the future
A message for others to finally be able to build up courage and stand up for their lives

While some are hiding behind screens trying to express themselves
Others are cutting themselves
Seen as a suicide mission to some
But as relief to others

Everyone has their own way of expressing themselves
But not all are understood or even heard
Many go unnoticed
Stuck in the dark
Left in the shadows of this free world

Notice me!!!

Screams, tears, tantrums and silence
Each yelling something
Wanting to be heard
Yet, no matter how loud or silent we seem to be
We are never noticed nor healed

It is our right to be free
to show who we truly are
And we are criticized because of our religion
Restricted by our gender or colour

Petitions right and left
Many joining the fight
In hope of change and acceptance
In hope of being noticed
Still not much is done to help

Violence taking over
Victims are the only ones noticed
what about the victimizers, they were once victims, but no one noticed
They are screaming for help through these acts
no one bothers to hear them out

Many unable to express themselves freely
Wrote their hearts out on paper
While they hang from the ceiling
Only to stop the hurt
At least they will be heard and noticed now

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Marie Anais Tessa L'Etang
Marie Anais Tessa L’Etang

I am a Mauritian who loves to write. Writing poems has been an important part of my life since very little. I usually just write on paper or in my notebook and only allow some people to read them but I am trying to get rid of that timid side and break free starting with eve poetry and now an Instagram page @words.on.sleeve.

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