Funeral by Artemis Lifeless limbs caress the forlorn floor,A lingering scent of melancholic miseryKisses air as stagnant as a heartThat has ceased to be a muscleTo be molded into the container for a loveAs broken as itself.Fluttering fingers wander over cracked skinThat used to be silk and sinInterwoven by a steady hand.I can’t even touch myself… Read More Funeral

If Photonic Velocity Remains Constant

If Photonic Velocity Remains Constant by Nathan Sweem No one will hear her words,Daylight trapped insideThe gravitational fieldOf a black star.Too much to say, anyway.Makes time slow.And loneliness heavy.To say that time slowsNear the stellar coreIs to say that distance expands;The two are equivalent.Her spirit eats itself aliveA femtometer at a timeWhile the universe speeds… Read More If Photonic Velocity Remains Constant


Fishing by John Hansen On the bank slender cattails reach out andtall grasses with clouds of swirling insects bite the air. John Hansen This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information, see my disclosures here. 


Scars by Avalone Rae I gave myself scars by loving you,Your skeptic waves washed over my shore,Where I played for years and years,You planted seeds of doubt,Deep into the corners of my mind,As I walked like a ghost in the background,Always fading away into the crowd,Afraid of having the spotlight on me,Afraid of someone picking… Read More Scars