The Song of a Grateful Soul

The Song of a Grateful Soul by Daisy Davis

What more is my life but a journey!
A journey back to You, the One who made me.
Through the countless doors of my worldly being,
With arms stretched out, my soul breaks out! Oh, ever so freeing!

Many tears You shed, Your loving heart bled,
As I wandered off, wading into the trench.
Yet back to you, fled my parched soul to quench
This thirst, insatiable. In Your mercy, I drenched!

Though I ventured into lands far and unknown,
Your voice reached out, rising over my own.
Through the mist of my thoughts, vain and worn,
Your light sought my soul, beyond skin and bone.

Thank You enough, I never truly can,
For Your mercy on me, and all that You planned.
Where would I be, if it weren’t for Your hand
Lifting me up, making sure I could stand!

It is at Your feet, I deserve to be.
Yet here You are, watching over me,
Calling me Your own, gently soothing me.
Worthy of such love – can I ever be?

Oh! What more is my life but a hymn, a song!
A song of love, of where I truly belong.
Plucking the strings of my heart, all day long,
My soul hums on and on, how could I not!

I shall forever dance to the rhythm of Your love,
Embrace Your gift, I’m much unworthy of,
Spread this peace and calm, this joy, so buoyant!
For what more is my life, but that it is Yours!

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Daisy Davis
Daisy Davis

Besides working as a Solutions Architect at Akamai for Media clients like NBC, Disney, HBO, etc., Daisy aspires to be a writer and ardently desires to read as many books as possible. Her life is deeply rooted in faith and prayer. She is extremely passionate about Bharatnatyam (an Indian classical dance form) and cannot imagine a life without music!

She also loves drawing, traveling, trying out new things, exploring different cultures and cuisines, non-profit volunteering, cooking and playing badminton. 

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