Fold by Gale Acuff I like to go to Sunday School becausethere’s nothing good on television thenand my parents don’t get up until noonso I’ve got to do something to kill timeand it’s like regular school but there aren’tany tests, none that really count unlessdying and going to Heaven to bejudged does, Miss Hooker teaches… Read More Fold


Vitrine by Aaron Lelito It’s like walking through a dusty museum,the marble floor holding its ground beneath,the gaps making an oeuvre of echoesonly an arbitrary foot could summon. The diamond sharp seconds of lucidity. Thoughts: the marginalia that cleave… The palate sharpened as language secedes. Anchoritic Leisure by Aaron Lelito Shake hands,talk of this and… Read More Vitrine

How to Stick Souls

How to Stick Souls by Indie Rey lay on mepress palmslipshipsand toeslet your weightsinkinto my bones take my breathhold it theregive me yourstill it becomesourshourslike thissharing skinwaitingfor spritsto cling afterwe smilebodies sprawledon the groundlimbsdisentanglebut soulsforeverbound This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information,… Read More How to Stick Souls