250 Beekman Street

250 Beekman Street by Molly Felth If I bottled the scentof your chest hairI would name it Play Hard.Bullhorns blare –a little girl countsto infinity, scarcely aware –still, there’s nothing in youI can’t leverageor exchange.Wall Street occupiedme. I say to her here: you arethe worldliest personyou know. Never investon impulse. Your feelingsaren’t liquid.Hoist yourself uponto… Read More 250 Beekman Street

After the Storm at Night

After the Storm at Night by Daniel Fitzgerald Her eyes openedlike a revealing moonin a fractured sky,becoming brighterin its awakening. Staying in Touch by Daniel Fitzgerald Our hands glancearound the table,then, as if by accident,reach for the same glass.The rest of us laughat the coincidencewhile our fingers lingerwith each other,remembering other coincidences,other accidents,other times our… Read More After the Storm at Night


Racism by Ali Ashhar All are born equal,Yet some are deluded to be manipulated by hate,Not spurred by difference in ethnicity,Nevertheless, by deviation in ethics,Ethics that made him perceive ghastly,This racism pervading, deep below, doesn’t know any impunity. This malevolence not only compromise of colour,Someday it’s for religion,Someday it’s linguistical,Someday it’s for ethnicity,Someday it’s for… Read More Racism