You Deserve

You Deserve to Love Yourself First by Kelsey Rojas

You took root inside me,
planted yourself sweetly by the daisies.
Watered your roses every day-
checked to make sure they grew.

With a garden, so beautiful,
roses growing up through my throat-
blooming out of my eyes.
All I could see was you.

It wasn’t for months,
until I started to feel my daisies dying.
Drowning from the blood drawn by your roses- thorns lacerating my throat.

You rooted yourself inside me,
disguised so sweetly.
Flowers with the promise of love-
instead all I feel is the pain.

You’re gone now.
Your garden has finally died,
no more roses, no more you.

I never thought I’d try again,
to build a garden.
I settled for the barren wasteland,
you left behind.

Until I met him.
With his green thumb and hazel eyes,
restoring my world with light-
giving me life.

He took my hand and placed seeds
meant for daisies, and he smiled-
the kind of smile that could make wildflowers grow in hell

“Don’t you want to plant your sunflowers?” I cried.
“Why are you giving me daisies?
I thought you loved me?”

I’ll never forget what he said,
I carry it every day,
every time I look at our kitchen table
filled with a beautiful bouquet.

“You need to plant this daisy in your heart
before I can give you sunflowers, you deserve to love yourself first.”

Seasons of You by Kelsey Rojas

We met in the winter time
In a silly romcom type cliche
Smiles in a crowded room
And blushes beneath icy breathes.

those wintery months weren’t always that way- indecision kept us frozen.
But we forgave the other for our vices,
and decided to live in the bliss of our ignorance.

We fell in love, in the spring,
through a haze of smoke and ash.
Endless moments of laughter
in rooms I can’t remember.

We suffered a long distance in the summer, barely saw the other.
Memories being made, but mostly with other people- in sunshine we hardly shared.

In autumn we weren’t what we were,
But I tried to ignore it and play pretend.
As fall began to freeze,
we spoke less and less.

He broke my heart in autumn,
his feelings changed faster than the leaves
It was the week before Halloween-no wonder he never committed to our plans.

It wasn’t until another spring came around- when my heart had healed
and the flowers bloomed again,
that I met you.

Someone brand new.
And when you smile into the sun-I see the evergreen trees amongst the hazel
I see my perennial love.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Kelsey Rojas
Kelsey Rojas

Kelsey Rojas is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She works by day in online commerce and by night dreams of living in a small cottage by the sea with her boyfriend of 6 years writing poetry and prose.

She fills her poetry with wildflowers, sunlight, the difficulty of healing and the inevitability of pain. Writing has always been the great love of her life; a passion that began as a way to heal has become her greatest aspiration. 

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