World Debt

World Debt by Liliana Yao

We are not in debt to anyone but ourselves.
We give the world what we yearn to receive,
hoping for the world to reciprocate our deeds.
In the process, we simply neglect our own needs.
No one seems to appreciate or recognize,
that our acts of kindness don’t cost a thing.
At the expense of our dignity, we drop to our knees,
when we should drop the people-pleasing.
Pick ourselves up and realize we are deserving of something free;
be kind to ourselves and we’ll be at peace.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Liliana Yao
Liliana Yao

My name is Liliana Yao, but I prefer to go by Lili! Currently, I’m seventeen years old and reside in the city of Toronto, Canada. For my whole life, writing has always been an interest of mine, but during quarantine, I had the opportunity to devote more time to refine my skills.

In particular, I love writing poetry and personal editorials that reflect my opinions on issues ranging from global affairs to personal relationships. As of now, I am focusing on becoming a better writer by simply reading and writing more. However, I hope to publish a book or write for a famous magazine in the near future.

Apart from writing, I love listening to music, keeping up with fashion trends, watching documentaries, visiting coffee shops, and going on walks, as I derive much of my inspiration from nature. Essentially, I would be on cloud 9 if I was at a Starbucks writing an article regarding a documentary on the latest fashion trends while listening to my favourite song!

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