Of Hearts and Empty Wallets

Of Hearts and Empty Wallets by Abhinav Dasgupta I’ve been without lovefor so longthat I’ve forgottenwhether it tasteslike storms orsunflowers. A broken shoeboxrattles weaklyunder my bedwith ribbon wrappedremainsof what love usedto look like-red hearts andpink photo framesbut they aremore friendly withdustthan my fingertips. When you livewith the absenceof somethingfor too longyou learn to letits ghostmake… Read More Of Hearts and Empty Wallets

Madame Helena Blavatsky

Madame Helena Blavatsky by Carl Scharwath Your spiritual revolutionBecame an evolutionAs the world battles a conflict ofGood and evil. Tibetan telepathy evoked youIn the music and lyricsOf Senzar- your songDiscovered a hidden world Esoteric thoughts reviveThe ancient wisdom synthesisStreaming into the Lethe RiverWaters of alpha privative await. The shells on the bankLeft behind by the… Read More Madame Helena Blavatsky