Gold Splashed Dreams

Gold Splashed Dreams are Man’s Corruption by Kim Laloma

Gold splashed dreams are on the corners of my mind, tip of the tongue recollections mirage silver blue reflections, past, present, future connections.
Enlightenment expressions, no direction, string theory extensions, they have given me nothing through deception, but I am the blessing they’re all less than, mostly demons.
Demons, as in disease, filled blanket tricks which snowballed to decimate a whole race.
Demons, as in, taking a group of people treating them as animals then justifying it as slavery, which is happening in the present-day corporate plantations.
Demons, as in, a subjugated mind imprisoned from majority constructs causing the lesser ethnic groups to commit genocide on their own people.
Most are too blind to understand this American mindset of a society misguided with garbage culture that has no concept of truth, justice, integrity, or honesty, instead, this is a plastic reality filled nation with weak minded empty souls who have a twisted idiotic perception in a lost realm.
Here you’ll find racist vegans wearing white or red laced Doc Martens concerned about saving cows, yet inadvertently torturing minority humans while watching fictionalized reality tv shows with corny hipsters.
Looking out in our world, I see how infinitely beautiful nature is in its purest function, the spaces which were untouched by man’s corruption.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Kim Laloma
Kim Laloma

Kim Laloma lives in New Jersey, but has spent his childhood in Pennsylvania and Germany.  His mother is from Korea and his father is from Puerto Rico. He likes to write poetry in his spare time.

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