If Sorrow Was A Person

If Sorrow Was A Person by Anushka Das

sorrow is
too young
to be this

she is only nineteen

sorrow shuts
the windows and
doors so tightly
not a sliver of hope
can invade

she lives in my room

sorrow doesn’t
cry to sleep
every night
but just
enough nights

she sleeps on my pillow

sorrow wears
a party hat
to funerals

she uses my charcoal toothbrush

sorrow wears
black pencil heels
and walks a tightrope
with depression on one side
and anxiety on the other

she sprays my lavender scent
on herself

sorrow smiles
like a prisoner
on a death sentence

she rubs my shea butter lotion
on her skin

sorrow drinks
coffee not to stay awake
but to stay away from
her nightmares

she uses my ceramic coffee cup

sorrow treats
happiness like rain
extends her fingers
in the drizzle
but cowers from
the downpour

she uses my blue striped umbrella

sorrow took
the road not taken
because it was
the loneliest to walk

she wears a pendant
with my initials engraved on it

sorrow falls
in love
but calls it
hurtling herself
off a cliff
and hoping to
sprout wings mid fall

she writes unfinished love poems
in the margins of my diary

sorrow has
a laugh that
around the room
until it sounds
like a croak
dislodged in
her throat

she responds to my name

sorrow wraps
a shroud around herself
and calls it a shield

she is told that
being sad is not
a medical condition
and hence
needs no curing

so be yourself
and be happy

sorrow says that
she can’t do
both together
but she uses
my tongue
for her sour words

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/34d2c-aaron-burden-xg8iqmqmitm-unsplash.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Anushka Das
Anushka Das

Anushka is an unrest who seeks her salvation through writing. She believes that if there is light to be found in this world; it has to first come from within.

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