Baby, You’re My Miracle!

Baby, You’re My Miracle! by Daisy Davis

Baby, you’re my miracle
Your angelic face, such blissful peace,
Your tender lips rubbing my cheeks,
Your sweet voice, soothing like the sea.

Your tiny hands clinging to my chest,
Your sweet innocence tugging at my heart,
Stroking your hair, I think to myself,
O dear! From you, I cannot part.

You so run to my arms held open wide,
With much care, I squeeze you tight,
I hold you close, so close to my side,
Like wrapped hearts, an embrace, so light!

You’re a piece of my heart, I couldn’t let go,
My heart aches, I love you so,
What a joy it is to watch you grow!
O baby! You make my heart flow!

For hours and hours I could go,
Singing your praises, you’re a wonder so!
I pray your light may ever glow,
I promise to guard you with my all!

As I lay here watching you sleep,
You so put my heart at ease,
Smiling, I slowly breathe,
I close my eyes; I wish to see you in my dreams!

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Daisy Davis
Daisy Davis

Daisy Davis works as a Solutions Architect at Akamai. Her life is deeply rooted in prayer and meditation. She yearns to read as many books as possible and aspires to be a writer. She is also passionate about Bharatnatyam (an Indian classical dance form), music, singing and drawing. 

Apart from the above-mentioned, Daisy enjoys trying out new things, exploring different cuisines & cultures and cooking. She ardently desires to contribute a portion of her time for non-profit volunteering as well.

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