Red by Taylor Wade I kiss you and bleed You speak in thornsand no matter howI try, I cannot seemto find the roses This site contains affiliate links to products. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links. For more information, see my disclosures here. 

Nostalgia Stage Call

Nostalgia Stage Call by Jemma Chawla Steamrolled daily by your emerging talentsSince birth, it’s been my job to coach youOne day you’ll play leadYour very own life productionUnconsciously in rehearsalNo need to auditionActs played out in front of meMotherhood matineeCasting your own castYou’re growing up too fastMomentarily slide into my private boxYou’re in crisp, sharp… Read More Nostalgia Stage Call


Seen by Emily Way-Evans Seeing myselfThrough your eyesIs addictiveJust a glimpseThrough those glassesClean and rose tintedI am hookedTo this sugar-coated viewOf my lifeI want to climb inside your headAnd watch the re-runsMy top ten best bitsMaybe stock up some memoriesWhile I’m thereI want to be filled to the brimWith your admirationOf this version of meThat… Read More Seen

I’m Not Going to Hate Myself

I’m Not Going to Hate Myself by Sarah Bellum Mental I’m not going to cryI’m not going to releasediamond threaded watertrailing down cheekslooking to obliterate the skinwith the piling upof emotions like compostcreating heatshimmering waveson a quiet daythinking of the wayhe touched mehow I foughtbut I didn’t fight enoughbut maybe that’s the thingabout trauma is… Read More I’m Not Going to Hate Myself