Nostalgia Stage Call

Nostalgia Stage Call by Jemma Chawla

Steamrolled daily by your emerging talents
Since birth, it’s been my job to coach you
One day you’ll play lead
Your very own life production
Unconsciously in rehearsal
No need to audition
Acts played out in front of me
Motherhood matinee
Casting your own cast
You’re growing up too fast
Momentarily slide into my private box
You’re in crisp, sharp focus
Spotlight is soft
The auditorium snaps me back with roars of ferocious approval
I also applaud you, always
Can I extend the intermission and be delighted by your immaturity a little longer?
I know this confirms your growth
Dependency being swapped for
independent stage direction
Could the stage momentarily
I’ll be lovingly waiting for what’s to come in your encore

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Jemma Chawla
Jemma Chawla

Jemma Chawla lives in Greater London, UK. She enjoys writing poetry and short fictional stories.
She writes to capture memories and process her emotions. As well as it being a great creative outlet, she also finds it a form of therapy.

She enjoys writing pieces that are relatable, in the hope they offer a safe space for readers to talk and that it contributes to normalising stigmatised topics.

Her current aspiration is to complete and publish her first anthology.

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