Mask by Sodiq Oyekanmi put on a happy face — merry maskto shade the void of sanity that slipped awayfrom your mind like the grey hairson your mother’s headsuffering from alopecia areata put on the smiling maskdo not let sadness smear your faceput it on for we all wear masksto shawl our souls. Living Fire… Read More Mask


Web by Anupama Kadwad Caught in the webentangled whollycrawling my waycautiously treading on the loopholesfull of dark pits, finding a way through the mazeskeleton of the leafcarcass of the bonesremains of my existenceTied down with expectationsMany a time lured by the glittery surroundingssuccumbed to the false promisesvanished into thin airtossed around by someblown by the… Read More Web

Transforming Through Ecdysis

Transforming Through Ecdysis by Sakina Mohammed Slithering aroundSo grounded and obliviousSeemingly harmless..But if you know meYou will be awareAt the point of insecurityTo hissssssssIs the only defence I know..The poison in me,Becoming the enemyOf my own conscience..My love tooKnows no bounds,My emotions and expressionsHave the strength to crush youIn the toughness of my embrace..My exterior… Read More Transforming Through Ecdysis