Transforming Through Ecdysis

Transforming Through Ecdysis by Sakina Mohammed

Slithering around
So grounded and oblivious
Seemingly harmless..
But if you know me
You will be aware
At the point of insecurity
To hissssssss
Is the only defence I know..
The poison in me,
Becoming the enemy
Of my own conscience..
My love too
Knows no bounds,
My emotions and expressions
Have the strength to crush you
In the toughness of my embrace..
My exterior becoming unbearable now,
The roughness from slithering through
And surviving in wilderness
Has worn out my skin!
My encounters have matured me
Beyond the layers that protect
My flexible, mushy vertebrae.
I am a new snake in process,
Making efforts to slide through
My own distressed skin.
Leave me undisturbed in my solitude
While I live my ecdysis of transforming!
I shall still hiss,
I shall still love with magnitude
I shall still carry incurable venom…
But yet the new version of myself
After surviving this transformation:
I shall hold wider perspectives
I shall see through brighter visions
I shall understand the importance
Of maturing and sliding out
Of the boundaries
Of my own worn out, distressed snake-skin!

A Moment in Time by Sakina Mohammed

To feel waves of passion,
Surges of spark and intensity
Flowing wildly through my entirety!

To be embraced in your brawn, Enveloped in your fortitude..
Just us among wilderness and solitude!

To enamor so deep and indulgently
Into your tender, warm zeal..
While all abyss shall heal!

To find undue pacifism,
Beyond hope or depiction..
Feeling as though fabricated fiction!!

Such a moment in time
When longevity shall freeze…
While our souls solemnize in ease…

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Sakina Mohammed
Sakina Mohammed

I’m Sakina Mohammed, an aspiring Srilankan poet, a full-time mom and a creative chaos managing a few of my own small passion projects. Poetry to me is therapy and a form of escape. I write motivational content on emotional and mental wellbeing, also on love and life realities. I wish to publish my book someday, but currently I share my work on my  Instagram page: @sakinas_expressions

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