A Paragon of Love

A Paragon of Love by Jhazzmyn Joiner

I sit in my yard, atop the withering grass, beneath a bare tree.

Winter’s been brutal, yet she offers us this serene, divine day.

Birds sing love songs in perfect harmony like they invented the score.

The sun’s beams pour through the branches, showering me in comfort.

But I realize it’s not the sun I see or feel.

It’s the warmth of an astonishing couple.

The love that radiates off of them outshines the sun.

I try not to watch for long as they leisurely stroll through the neighborhood.

And truly, I don’t have to.

What they share is enough to leave a lasting impression.

He holds onto her so carefully, I could’ve mistaken her for a porcelain doll.

She’s stunning and delicate, yet powerful.

Man couldn’t have made her.

Because he’s fully aware of her strength and independence, his protection is far from overbearing.

It’s that of safekeeping.

He listens to her intently and gazes at her with care.

Then, he whispers a prayer to heaven —

“Please make this last forever.”

I believe he’s been answered.

She’s childlike, frolicking about.

I don’t think she’s even aware of her behavior —

or her remarkable glow, that of a woman in love.

She doesn’t say much, but you can see tenderness in her diamond eyes and gentle smile.

I’d never experienced love like this, the kind you can see and feel from miles away.

The waves of emotion wash over me, overcoming me, at the realization of this rarity.

I feel both despair and hope.

Despair at potentially never finding love like this.

Hope at such inspiration.

Maybe, one day, I’ll have this kind of love —

unconditional and without hesitation.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="https://evepoetry.files.wordpress.com/2021/08/17cb6-62cc1abc-78da-48ca-a9bd-b850a825ab4d.jpg&quot; alt="<strong>Jhazzmyn Joiner
Jhazzmyn Joiner

Jhazzmyn Joiner is a recent graduate of Georgia Tech. She graduated with a B.S. in Literature, Media, and Communication. She resides in Atlanta, but she is originally from Las Vegas.

She has self-published a poetry book, Everyone can Relate, and been published in Wren’s Nest, Blood Moon Journal, and more. Her favorite pastime, aside from writing, is singing and playing guitar.

Keep up with her @quotedbyjhane on IG.

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