Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A Literary Light: Lawrence Ferlinghetti A beautiful literary light passed on February 22, 2021. He inspired a love for books, poetry, and art. Ferlinghetti strove to create a social environment where people could gather and discuss their passion for poetry, books, and the arts. And he succeeded when he founded City Lights. He’s an inspiration… Read More Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Comfort by Arwyn Vincent You were a bipolar messand I was coveredin the low-road dustof aimless menbut as you sobbed into my chestI found tanglediridescentthreads of heavencoiled into your brown hairand togetherwe gathered theminto a generous blanketof shimmering laceto veiland comfortour tumultuous hearts Lie to Me by Arwyn Vincent We know where this is going… Read More Comfort


Listen by Gabriel Angrand I listento the whispersof One who filled spaceswith wordsand birthed lightout of nowhere Warped time and spaceto terraform homesfor all kinds of life Spoke autobiographyinto biospheres that leave uswith a millionthousand wordsbehind our irises And from mountaintops to ocean floorsall nature roars in volumes speaking of its Lion King I’m listeningto… Read More Listen