Comfort by Arwyn Vincent

You were a bipolar mess
and I was covered
in the low-road dust
of aimless men
but as you sobbed into my chest
I found tangled
threads of heaven
coiled into your brown hair
and together
we gathered them
into a generous blanket
of shimmering lace
to veil
and comfort
our tumultuous hearts

Lie to Me by Arwyn Vincent

We know where this is going . . .

so before Time’s groping
hands take us into its cold embrace
and we fall into the dust
of old dreams
(for the love of God!)
kiss my careless lips
and lie to me
(please lie to me)
tell me our souls will unite
as afterglow in the dreams
of young lovers

Radiant Gift by Arwyn Vincent

I love the mornings
when it’s like the sun
leans over the earth
just for me
and lends me
its waking radiance
its slow dancing
glow of new morning light
to restore my heart
from desolate

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Arwyn Vincent
Arwyn Vincent

I am an American author and typewriter enthusiast from the Northeast. My poetry is a remix of my experiences, observations, and imagination.

I gather these fragments and braid them together to explore my favorite subjects: love and heartbreak. I try to keep it simple.

Find me on Instagram @arwynpoetry

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