The Midnight Sun

The Midnight Sun by Lindsay Schroeder

I wish to see you
every hour of every day,
watch the sun come up with you
and watch it as it goes down.
Making coffee, holding mugs,
interlacing our fingers one by one.
Each hour goes by and I miss you more.
Our desire like the midnight sun,
never sleeps but glows brighter.
The winter has a way of connecting
our souls in the silence of its balance
of long days and sleepless nights,
learning to rest, learning to wait.
How valuable it is to grow in
the delay of gratification,
finding that we took the right risk
in letting each other in.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Lindsay Schroeder
Lindsay Schroeder

Lindsay Schroeder is an artist turned poet from Vancouver, Canada. Her art ranges from landscape painting to mixed media collages, gathering inspiration from hiking into the mountains and sharing memories with the ones she loves. Her poetry speaks about love, heartache, beauty, healing, and nature, and her poetry book The Art of Letting Go combines both poetry and her moody collages. You can find her on instagram: @poemsby.lindsay 

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