Melody of Rain

Melody of Rain by Cheryll Patras

The melody of rain, today, sings a song to my old soul
I listen to my heart dancing to it all cheerfully
This takes me to a rainforest I’ve never seen before
I walk past the wet trees of fancies
Dripping cold raindrops on my morning face
Nostalgia? —- that’s yet to be known
Maybe it doesn’t exist in my memories
Maybe —– this is nothing but my free spirit
Travels along with the euphony of this day’s rain
The cool breeze caresses my skin
The damp scent arouses my senses
The light and shadows in the woods are bewitching
My old soul flies my young heart to nature’s core
I owe my fascinating journey to the melody of rain today.

Utopia by Cheryll Patras

It is startling to watch the daybreak;
how the sol shows up with its full
gleaming rays every day —
the way the sun smiles upon each
rooftop without assessing nuances.

It would be a generational utopia to
wish this glorious altruism and
munificence for my generation
to exhibit towards its fellows
and teach its heirs the same.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Cheryll Patras
Cheryll Patras

Cheryll Patras is a Business student from Pakistan who’s currently working as a Nonprofit Manager at a US-based nonprofit. She’s a poet at heart, and her work revolves around a variety of topics.

Cheryll writes to uplift people and shares her opinions, emotions, personal experiences, and, sometimes, what she sees happening around her. Her long-term vision is to write to bring people closer to God. Cheryll plans to publish an uplifting collection of poetry that revolves around a unified subject. You can read more of her poems on Instagram @cheryll_patras.

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