Sharks by AGNA

Deep down the colourless liquid lies aquatic life,
battles for survival and the crown of war
Like those inhabitants of terrain,
there too lies big perfect cartilaginous skeleton having swords in mouth to crush everyone…. sharks
They too feast on the small ones.

In odourless liquid everything is the color of night
when these creatures move with thrilling silence,
there are drops of lifelessness on aquatics
unmoved small skeletons lying peacefully,
pumping through the four ends of this net,
Flaked black almonds tell the history of red soil’s heritage,
Reminding it’s better to be lying…. better to be dead.

Traits finely similar to varmints of land,
having arable shape with devil’s mind where blood becomes the harbour of life,
And riot of minds is the definition of grassland life;
Horizons coincide having sharks of their own,
rhythm of slaughtering boats and cars lulled small ones to sleep forever,
Massacre spared few that always sat on the shark’s tail and worshipped them with the drool of their mouth,
and sharks became the ruler of upcoming Dynasty.

The Smile by AGNA

I shivered along my skirted wobbly legs,
head thrown back, crinkles in secret,
breathed in puzzle with hands on my leafy neck,
My summer heart blazed along frosty winter castle,
soaked lines of broken lips whispering
‘hey stranger’ to the
biting pebbles settled against my Asian skin
while trying to
and smile
In the midst of a full known crowd of strangers, welcoming waiting for an unknown old friend.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>AGNA

AGNA is just another human walking on the face of Earth who’s always looking for some volunteering opportunities and adventures.

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