Keep Moving

Keep Moving by Shantae Gray

‘’Keep moving’’ God says. ‘’An ear to the ground,
your feet on dirt; keep moving.‘’

Like pilgrims in barren lands.
Like camels in deserts.
Like sea-bound turtles.
Like moles burrowing holes.

Keep your feet on dirt
and an ear to the ground; keep moving.

Like makeshift sailboats in a backyard’s pond of hope.
Like ambitious kites hoping to touch the sky.
Like boys hoping to plaster kisses on the cheeks of girls.

Keep your feet on dirt
and an ear to the ground; keep moving! ‘’

-talks with God

Growth: To all the crushes I thought I’d love by Shantae Gray

‘’Love can be fickle as it can be strange.’’
I spent most of my days
trying to uncover its face.
I spent most of my time,
digging for its gems
hoping to fumble on its gold

‘’Love is fickle as it is strange’’
To the crushes, I thought
I’d love; I thought I’d marry.
I must report, you were just
conjured fragments of my
inability to love and my
misunderstanding thereof.

‘’Love is fickle. Love is strange.’’
It is the unsettling feeling in the pit
of my stomach that unravels from my womanhood the ‘’truest’’ me.
It is the piece of me that tells me
“I am enough and I am of God.”

‘’Love is fickle. Love is strange yet ever so kind’’ My worth is not tethered to the
men I thought I’d love,
the men I thought I’d marry. It is tethered to me and the woman I chose to be.’’

Growth is a wonderful thing.

<img class="wp-block-coblocks-author__avatar-img" src="; alt="<strong>Shantae Gray
Shantae Gray

My name is Shantae Gray.
I am full of life and love.
I’ve come a long way.
I’ve been writing all my life but found my pen and voice back in the summer of 2018.
I’ve been writing with purpose ever since.
I am currently working on my first chapbook.

I am so excited to have started the journey and determined to have it published. You can find more of my pieces on Instagram, @taestruth. Be kind always and full of love.

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