Between Us

Between Us by Sonali Gupta

I talk to you of the distances
between us. However not feeling
one and still asking you, what’s
between us? Is there an invisible
thread tying us in an infinite bond
or is the gravity like the one
in a black hole? My thoughts
like lingering smiles and silhouette
of an undiscovered hope dancing like
the spring under an autumn veil
& like all that I am, ask you again,
tell me, what’s between us?

And you send me a snapshot
of the starry sky above you.
A sky freshly given up all its
rain and showing up the colors
seasons wear. Filled with my blue
and my grey, stands the exquisite
sky between us. The stars are there
yet quite distant and the sky like a
beautiful stardust around,
light me up. I smile at it and
see the sky above me. It looks the
same, and I know what’s between us!

If maps are to be believed, between us,
are cities and places and
hundreds of bridges, lakes, gateways,
minars, temples, staircases, houses
and then a world between us.
But remember the bougainvillea that
I told you is my favorite, that now
clings to your balcony, and then
the aroma of my roses that travels
deep down the nursery of your terrace.
Do I still have to ask you,
What’s between us?

Between us is a distance that’s
far but isn’t that far you know.
Far just looks so much near now
Holding time so tight, between us,
have been the 11:11 wishes we
finger cross at, and an eternity
that refuses to unpromise what’s
between us. Your soul looks
like a camouflage that my bare
soul has waited yesteryears to
uncover and be painted with.
Can I tell you that between us,
have always been none, but us.

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Sonali Gupta

Sonali is a technical content writer from India, who writes expert resource materials related to Marketing and Technology. Previously worked as a banker and a freelance blogger, she has been a student of Economics and Human Resources.

An ardent believer of the Universe and optimism, she writes poetry and quotes to satiate her soul and souls around. Always keen on nature, traveling, music and photography. She’s often found talking about self-love, love, life, motivation, and philosophy.

She likes to say it all in hashtags and loves to be read between the lines. She’s one passionate being who lives to keep her vibe alive and stay in love with life.

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