Entrapped by Biraj Valia

Swirls of drape entwining veins of desires
Slender fingers flipping pages of heart
Twist of hues now vividly her eyes fires
Infatuation thorns hold love apart

Helplessness and remorse ever startling
Weakling limbs tangled betwixt hawthorn tree
Tomcat eyes bewildered in lust thwarting
Ravelling Spells lost in her arms by wee

Conscience lost the secrets of sorcery
Confined by beguiling grace deceiving
Ensnared flora and thorns of forgery
Tragic heartache in delicate thieving

Powerless betrayal smelt in each breath
Pinkish bluish-white san spring only death

Metamorphosis of Life by Biraj Valia

Nuptial vows planted in the pot of life
Growing as one over years of changes
Entwined together betwixt love and strife
Blooming our beautiful buds as angels

Salt pepper hair and wrinkles evolving
Seldom disheartening zeal for a kiss
Forgetfulness and fatigue try stalling
Our romantic endeavours of pure bliss

Phases of life transitioning ever
Melodies of our love syncing in rhyme
Mirror unveils remnants whatsoever
With fragrance of togetherness sublime

Metamorphosis of life is certain
Souls sail together beyond the curtain

Fragrance of Love by Biraj Valia

Thy fragrance caresses unceasingly
Swirls me into inebriating state
Swoon me in thy mystic belle secretly
Festoon garden of my life pleasingly

Thy after shower scent ferry me straight,
Into oceanic waves of fragrance
Refreshing delicate aura ornate
Floral sea breeze cologne your scent innate

Morning floral perfume my complacence
Thy stimulant smell embracing my dawn
Blooming petals of love spur radiance
Divine floral whiff reveals thy presence

Citrus scent over hues of twilight drawn
The fresh scent hold me in thy elegance
Tickling my passion with pleasure thereon
Rejuvenating lively vibes are born

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Biraj Valia

Biraj Valia an entrepreneur often travels across the country for work, during these long business trips that he started writing travelogues. Learning new forms of poetry, experimenting with rhyme schemes and syllables intrigued him. Simplicity with an easy flow of expression gives his poems a unique style.

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