Father Too

Father Too by Terra Vagus

Father. Fathers. Two or three.
I’m left with confusion on what you are to me.

Made to believe each new man
was a father to raise me in place of the last.

No man. No man could love me in the way
he loves his own kin.

I am a mere casualty of a past life
a mother was in.

Father, father, I am your kin. Why was I cast aside
while you made way for your new life?

Three you created
yet chose one to love.

I’m left like a bruised fruit on the shelf. Until picked up out of pity
to play the role of second best,
trailing behind
each of the rest.

I don’t blame you for loving your child more than me.
I don’t blame you for leaving a bruised fruit behind.

Father. Fathers. Two or three.
Yet no fathers created for me.

I am my creator.
I am my father too.
I find strength in me, as fathers do.

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Terra Vagus

Terra Vagus is a lover of coffee, tea, and anything that has the scent or taste of rosemary. Writing is their first passion. The paranormal is their second. 

At this point, they’ve lived in six states and more cities than they can remember. 

They can currently be found in the Southwest. 

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