When the Next Full Moon Comes

When the Next Full Moon Comes by Emily Chapa

When the next full moon comes,
I’ll think of a perfectly peppered smile.
I’ll think of the wool that held me in close and how, for once, I let myself go.
It was so wild.

When the next full moon comes,
May it smile down upon the memories of the last.
While I think of universal intertwining and cherish my bravery of letting one see through me, as if I were glass.

Though the hours were a mere glimpse of something feverish, that last full moon.
When the next full moon comes,
I’ll make a new memory.
I’ll stand as softly, in its brilliant glory, and brush my face with the lace of an unforgettable story.

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Emily Chapa

My name is Emily Chapa and I have been a poet for many years. Most of my work is inspired by Mother Earth and her incendiary messages that she whispers to me while I am in her loving arms.

I am a mother of two beautiful children residing in Tucson, Arizona. I am a Tarot reader and Crystal gazer by day and a poet at all times. 

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