Light by Christie Nicolas

I drive around with the lamps all put out
and the moon sunk. A thin rain
drummed against the roof of my car,
a certain downpouring of emotions.

It was the look in his eyes that
still has me mesmerised. An inch
away from the moment at a brain’s edge
– I just can’t cage it and I am
left in the centre of what remains.

As if you were the fire
The sun lives within the lining of your skin.
Woven and intertwined,
Between the mind and the soul,
– a cauldron of light.

A Dream’s Sake by Christie Nicolas

I had erased my writing,
Curating only a pile of mixed words.
I had dropped my soul amongst them,
Wrongful and misplaced
For but a piece of invalid comfort from others.

The hope I dreamed of was a dream.
Was not but a dream and now I wake.
Pouring my silent words in soft whispers.

My soul took refuge in all my worries
A pause for a thought could be all it is
In that, life and the world, and my own self;
Are changing for a dream’s sake.

To the Moon I Leave by Christie Nicolas

To the moon I leave,
Whispering thoughts with no reply.
An empty space, past my mind
Where the sky sits,
Caressed by a thick blanket
Of stars to keep it aglow.

I wonder if amongst it all,
A message was ever received
where the sky would have trembled
And rattled.
If there was ever such a thought to even provoke it?

To the moon I leave,
A question pending and recycled over,

What lies past all that I see?

A Kaleidescope Dream by Christie Nicolas

Behind your eyes and mine
are all the unspoken affirmations
of all that we do not have the words
to say.

A kaleidoscope dream,
Where we are nothing but space dust,
Souls drifting on the same wavelength
– A space stretched amongst the stars.

A world behind your eyes was what I was trying to find,
I could wander into the unknown,
A plain of new excitement
And exhilaration.
With colours blended,
So exotic and captivating.
Waiting on blue skies
That was but a figment of my mind.
I thought I saw my reflection in your eyes,
But it was only
An imagined reality,
To colour my dreams.

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Christie Nicolas

Christie Nicolas is an Australian-based writer and business student. Her poetry seeks to reflect her experiences of the surrounding world. Undertaking a Bachelor of Business, she fell into poetry as a testament to always keep writing, which was her long-time passion. She currently writes on a 1962 Royal typewriter at her home in Sydney. 

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