Poetry by m.dale

Delicate in Nature

We must care deeply for those that care deeply.
Without them, our oceans would be streams and our canyons, mere cracks.

Dark Waters

I see you.
I see the shadows that plague you.
I see the darkness that blinds you.
I see the shallow waters that drown you.
I see in you everything I ignore in myself.


Withdrawal from you is like removing all the blood from my own veins.
It has left my heart an empty chamber.

Missed Opportunities

My tears, they aren’t collecting for you.
They drop for everything I didn’t pursue.

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Amanda’s writing taps into universal emotions and experiences. She is based in Austin, TX, and grew up in a small spiritually-minded town comprised of farmers and yogis. 

Her writing has a hint of melancholy laced with hopeful comfort. As she processes her own heartaches and desires she discovers varying depths of self that are the source for her devotion to embrace a world healing in all forms. 

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