Izzy Thomas

Poetry by Izzy Thomas

As We Age

Bird’s sweet song
daylight squeezing
through the crack in the door
There are lines
imprinted on your face
from the cars
you cling onto all night
so dearly
you say
as I lift you to my heart
feel your sticky warmth
kiss the rosiness
of your cheeks

When you are
I will admire the rosiness
from afar
remembering your
arms around my neck
And when I am
you will be the one
lifting me
my cheeks will be 
pallid  and sunken
my heart will be full

Dandelion Dance

Every time you spot a dandelion
you do a magic dance
I help you to free
the fluffy wisps
Every dandelion that springs from seed
is a reminder of you

I Am (A Mother)

I am a ship
with broken sails 
running aground on rocks 
I am a racing car 
(your favourite)
veering off course 
trying to reach the finish  
I am a horse
saddlebags overflowing 
with your precious things 
I am a pillow 
a safe haven 
for your soft curls
I am a circus performer 
juggling motherhood 
and everything else 
I am a mountain to climb 
but you 
you will move mountains 

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Izzy Thomas

Izzy documents her journey as a first-time mother through her poetry, expressing themes of childhood wonderment, the beauty of nature and the identity crisis new mothers can face.

She lives in the English countryside with her husband, two-year-old son, and cats Hemingway and Fitzgerald. She has a first-class degree in Creative Writing and is a secondary school English teacher who loves to inspire her pupils. 

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