Kelsey Rojas

Poetry by Kelsey Rojas

Poetic Time Traveler

I hold your memory
in my poetry-
the words both haunt
and caress me.
When I take a step back
in time, amongst my
similes and whimsy.
I feel it all again,
the hurt reaches parts
of my heart- that it hasn’t
in such a long time.
But now I’m strong enough
to step away, and see
my beautiful world-
the one I created
in spite of you. Smiling,
my pain gone from my reverie-
and back where it belongs,
amongst the poetry.


Sometimes I like to wonder
if you’d even recognize me now.

My hips are certainly
rounder, and my laugh lines deeper.

I really can’t imagine-
you smiling at me and waving,
awkwardly in some public place.

I’m a stranger to you now-
I may as well be someone brand new.

That girl you knew,
her eyes were dark brown
but now I’ve allowed little flecks of gold to shine through.

I’m still the one,
with a sunny disposition.

But now I supply my own light-
I’m strong enough to give myself
all the love you ripped away.

Maybe I look the same, but my aura is singing in hues of warm strong gold and emboldened orange.

You used to love a girl who was drowning in soft lavender and pale blues. You loved me because I was so empty- and you poured yourself into me, filled me with your own color story.

I’ve decided to write my own, I think you’ll find the colors are much more vibrant now- alive in a way I never was, with you.

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Kelsey Rojas

Kelsey Rojas is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. She works by day in e-commerce, but by night she dreams of living in a small cottage by the sea with her love of 7 years writing poetry and prose.

Her poetry is filled with wildflowers, sunlight, the difficulty of healing, and the inevitability of pain. Writing has always been the great love of her life; a passion that began as a way to heal has become her greatest aspiration.

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