Jevin Kwello

Poetry by Jevin Kwello

Be Water, Be Formless

I am a bird,
Living freely and winging whenever I please.
I am a Toyota car,
Travelling long distances while preserving its fuel.
I move without fear of getting stuck in the mud.
I am the Nile River,
Flowing endlessly even though rocks.
I am an Acacia tree,
Growing strong deep to its roots.
I am the National Flag,
Swaying majestic as the soldiers salute.
I am water,
Because I take the shape of every container.

The Queen of my Heart

I picture her laughter in my mind,
One of those she gave me out of love,
The yesterday and the days before.
The moments we spent together.
The stories we told each other amidst admiration.
My troubled heart found solace,
Sickness became health, and her presence became wondrous.
She is the Queen,
The Queen of my Heart.

Obsessed with Charm

That little laughter meant everything to me,
That little love was all I needed.
That little charm subdued me.
My soul is under a spell.
Come and caress me again.
Come and kiss me one more time.
Until I see you again,
My motion is in constraint.
But my arms are wide open,
Waiting for your return.
That beautiful soul,
That is playing me hide and seek.
That precious body,
That I’m obsessed with.

Jevin Kwello

Photo of Poet, Jevin Kwello
My name is Jevin Ochieng Kwello. I was born in Kisumu City, Kenya on 3rd September,1999. My Father is a former teacher, while my mother a farmer. We do share a probable love between my parents, my siblings and I. I am an undergraduate student taking Degree in Education at Kisii University, Kisii in Kenya.

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