Natasha Alva

Poetry by Natasha Alva


This TV’s messing up all night.
What am I actually seeing?
Same story, same cast, different characters,
nothing makes sense.
They really like a lot of fighting,
tugging hairs and punching faces.
Even the fake blood in the show is obviously ketchup.

Started as siblings, fell in love cause one of them
was just adopted.
There’s always a love affair happening around the corner.
Main cast always ends up together, raising the second
lead syndrome all over again.
Action scenes felt like there’s an endless battle.
Every comedy keeps repeating.
Even local superheroes became too outdated.
Why can’t they think of something new?

Tell me why the TV’s always showing the feud
between the rich and poor.
Why do they always like to compare the beauty of
each person?
Don’t they like to have the twists and turns?
Don’t they want to have some suspense?
Can’t they just give a surprising ending for once?

For them, money’s the bling.
Hidden meanings bring too much confusion.
For them, a simple story’s enough to bring the crowd.
Yet, they forgot the true essence of storytelling.
Which is why mainstream is starting to get lame.


Being stuck in a loop,
doing the same cycle over again.
Trying to change what’s destined.
Been there, done that.
Every try becomes a glitch, a phase that alterations
still end up in the same ending.
Finding my way to you is an infinite journey.
The moment our fates intertwine, our story begins to
abrupt, losing your grasp again.
The possible becomes the impossible.
Don’t know how to be with you.
As time confuses us, I’ll be standing here.
Waiting for you in another life where we can both share our happy ending.
Let me hold you once more before I lose you again.


You said that you’re okay.
You said that there’s no lies.
No more hidden words between the lines.
You promised to share your memories with me.
But, what have you done?
Your movements questioned me,
I started to wonder what is actually going on.

Your coven’s a mess.
Filled with cobwebs of lies and misery.
There’s another whole story to talk about.
Your alibi’s a maze with so many obstacles.
You could’ve opened the door to me.
You didn’t have to shut me down.

Didn’t know you were so torn,
just waiting out to let go.
You’ve been longing to come out.
Your life was full of pretending,
pretending to be someone else.
Been running in circles with no clear path.
You’re lost.

I’d want you to know that I’m here.
You don’t need to be afraid.
You don’t need to build more walls to cover yourself.
Come open the door, so you can finally breathe.
You don’t have to fight this way all alone.
You can talk to me cause I will be here.

Natasha Alva

Natasha Alva is a first time poet and does photography. Whenever she gets inspired from the movies, books, songs and places that she sees, she writes poetry out of it. Currently, she posts her poetry in her Instagram account and sometimes joins prompt contests from different poetry communities. As a silent type of person, poetry was her way of expressing her curiosity of words and observations of the world. 

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