About Eve Poetry

Deanna Ramirez is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Eve Poetry Magazine

Deanna lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and three children. She’s attends Portland State University and recently completed her first novel.

Why the name, Eve?

Why the name Eve? There are a few reasons I chose this name. The Oxford Dictionary defines the word “eve”: the day or period of time immediately before an event or occasion. Creating the Eve Poetry Instagram account was the eve of my acknowledgement that I am a writer, and that writing is what I want to do with my life.

The name Eve means to breathe or to live. Penning and sharing poetry, and writing my first novel, is a most fulfilling inhale and exhale. It gives me breath.

The final reason includes my husband. I met my husband in the fifth grade. We attended a small private school in California . I was the only fifth grader at this tiny school until Reese showed up just before Christmas break. Fast forward to our sixth-grade year, and he and I were repeatedly paired together for skits and school plays. In one play, Reese and I were selected to play Adam and Eve. Never in a thousand years would that sixth-grade girl imagine she would one day marry Adam. Fortunately, Reese and I reconnected many years later, and married in 2017. That’s the short version (you’re welcome!).

Eve Poetry Now

Pen names are a beautiful thing. They are cocoons, allowing for the metamorphosis of a writer or poet. A writer either reveals their identity or they find solace in their cocoon. I know many talented poets whose identities are still a secret to me. Anonymity has its perks, and many writers publish their work this way. Not all paths lead to the same place. For those that want recognition, I use my website to promote their work, along with my own.

Eve Poetry Magazine is an organic evolution of my great love to support and help others. I use my social media pages, both @eve_poetry and @evepoetrygroup to create inspiration and mentor people from all over the world. Becoming a published author depends largely upon marketing. I use my marketing background to help bring light to beautiful poetry and writing.

Everyone has a story. People who share their stories deserve to be seen and heard. This is the heart behind Eve Poetry Magazine.

Currently, I’m querying for representation of my first novel.

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