Izzy Thomas

Bird’s sweet song
daylight squeezing
through the crack in the door
There are lines
imprinted on your face… Read More Izzy Thomas

Lawrence Ferlinghetti

A Literary Light: Lawrence Ferlinghetti A beautiful literary light passed on February 22, 2021. He inspired a love for books, poetry, and art. Ferlinghetti strove to create a social environment where people could gather and discuss their passion for poetry, books, and the arts. And he succeeded when he founded City Lights. He’s an inspiration… Read More Lawrence Ferlinghetti


Racism by Ali Ashhar All are born equal,Yet some are deluded to be manipulated by hate,Not spurred by difference in ethnicity,Nevertheless, by deviation in ethics,Ethics that made him perceive ghastly,This racism pervading, deep below, doesn’t know any impunity. This malevolence not only compromise of colour,Someday it’s for religion,Someday it’s linguistical,Someday it’s for ethnicity,Someday it’s for… Read More Racism