Vedran Tomsic

I picked you up on a summer bluebird afternoon. We decided to leave it all behind for a day and indulge in whatever. You see other guys, I live other lives, neither of us minds.… Read More Vedran Tomsic

What is Self-Love, My Love?

She was tired. Too tired to even stand. She kept shifting her body weight on both legs alternatively in repeat. She was waiting for her everyday M10C bus to reach home soon so that she could pick her daughter from her friend’s birthday party. But, to her bad luck, she couldn’t spot her bus. Cursing, the timing, she stood there in the bus stand restlessly. The clouds were black and she couldn’t see the moon either. She was worried if rains could delay her from reaching home on time. Praying to weather gods, she checked the time. The bus was 6 minutes later than usual.… Read More What is Self-Love, My Love?